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There's a new item at Bobwhite Blather: 'Avoiding the expert mountain'

I remember when I was about six or seven years old and was first learning to
ride a bicycle. I had training wheels on my two-wheeler for what seemed like
forever. One day, I noticed that the training wheels weren't touching the ground
as I rode, so I asked my dad to take them off. Riding down the sidewalk, I felt
empowered that I had learned a new skill and felt that I had mastered riding a
big-boy bike.

Until I rounded the first corner, and the wheels slipped out from under me.
Boom! Down I went.

I wasn't such an expert, after all.

Life is like that. We get a taste of the knowledge we seek, and we learn a bit
more, and a bit more, and it starts to come to us.

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