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You've probably heard that many people fear speaking in public more than almost
anything else. But it doesn't have to be that way - and as a Scouter, you are in
a perfect position to learn how to ease that fear.

I had never spoken to large groups very much until I became a Cubmaster. I had
given presentations at work and before my professional society, but I wasn't
completely comfortable doing it. Now, I had to entertain the boys and keep their
parents informed - and you know what? It was actually fun! Scouting was
something I believed in, and could see the value of in my own kids, so it became
second-nature to lead the group. I put that new-found comfort to use as a
trainer and was just as much at ease relating to new leaders as I was to a room
full of grade-school boys.

We're into our recruiting drives now, and you're finding that you are speaking
to groups of parents eager to hear how the Scouting program will benefit their

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